Product Description

Tyne Rivers Trust has a unique role as guardian of the River Tyne, its tributaries and its catchment. The Tyne catchment is uniquely beautiful. It is home to many scientifically important species and sites, including the freshwater pearl mussel and Calaminarian grasslands, as well as being the best salmon fishing river in England and Wales.
We strive to ensure that the river continues its recovery from the impact of its industrial past, and there is plenty to do.
Our programmes identify and address specific issues:

Practical conservation work

identifying, reporting and solving pollution incidents
advising land and forestry managers on best practice to protect rivers
addressing man-made sources of silt and erosion
improving fish passage over obstructions
tackling the impacts of metal mining
mapping and managing invasive species
Education and empowerment

education programmes for young and adults alike
raising awareness of biosecurity threats
monitoring programmes for water quality and temperature
training in ‘riverfly’ invertebrate surveys
influencing decisions and policy which affect our Tyne
As a charity we can only achieve this with money and support from others.