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I am now coming towards the end of my time with Tyne Rivers Trust and I’ve learned a lot during my placement that should really help with my future career. Since the last piece I wrote, I’ve been working further on the Native North Tyne Project, including helping erect some signage to promote better biosecurity practices to byway users. By encouraging drivers to wash their wheels after crossing a ford, we can hopefully limit the spread of invasive North American Signal Crayfish, and the crayfish plague they carry, to protect our native White Clawed Crayfish.

There have also been more opportunities for me to get out and join more volunteer tasks, such as removing guards from trees the volunteers planted last year. The last volunteer task I went out on was to remove Himalayan Balsam from Newcastle Great Park. Himalayan balsam is an invasive species that can quickly crowd out native species if left unchecked, and our volunteers put in a lot of work towards keeping it under control in the catchment. This is the best time of year to remove it, because the plants are large enough to easily spot and pull up, but the seeds aren’t yet mature, so won’t be dispersed if the plants are disturbed.

Our CEO, Ceri has also been helping me to develop my job application and interview skills so I’ll have a better chance of getting a new job once my time here is over. I’ll also be undertaking some more external training through the Trust this month, on different river modelling techniques and how to apply them, and will also be attending a course on Urban Wellbeing. I’ve also had a lot of practice driving to new places during my placement, as I sometimes need to travel quite far out into the catchment on site visits. This is helpful as I hadn’t driven very much by myself before I started here.

I’m not quite sure what kind of job I want to do after my placement, but would definitely like to stay in the environmental sector in some way. I’ve already started sending out applications for positions at other organisations that look interesting. The experience I’ve gained while here should help my CV stand out and give me a lot to talk about in interviews, so hopefully I’ll get something soon. I’ve really enjoyed my time working for the Trust, and I’d like to be able to volunteer for them in the future.

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